Aug 17

Preseason Training News

Here you will find all the information you need for the upcoming Marching Chiefs Preseason Training session.

Check this page often for late breaking news and information regarding Preseason Training.

Greetings to all potential returning and potential new students!


Leadership is hard at work and everything is on-track for a great preseason training session. We look forward to your arrival: Friday, August 18 for all percussion, all color guard, all majorettes, and new brass and woodwind students; Sunday, August 20 for all returning brass and woodwind students.

Please read ALL of this page especially the instructions regarding your arrival below (July 1 Update).

Please check this page again before leaving for Tallahassee for any late-breaking news.

Follow us on Twitter for announcements (@fsuchiefs).

Travel safe.


The Preseason Training Newsletter was sent to all potential 2017 Chiefs today, August 1, via email.

This email includes audition music for wind and percussion students. (Guard and majorette auditions were held this past April.)

The email contains a link to a Dropbox folder where you should download all pertinent documents.

If you did NOT receive the email, then one of these following reasons must apply…

1) Erroneous email address, usually a typo, or we could not read your handwriting. Call the band office; or…

2) You sent in the card, but not enough time has passed for it to be delivered to us; or…

3) The USPS lost your card on its way to us; or…

4) Your email filter blocked the email.

If you know for certain that you sent in the card, but did not receive the email by August 1, please call the band office immediately (850-644-3507).

If you have not yet sent in the card, but wish to audition for Marching Chiefs, call the band office at 850-644-3507.

We will continue sending preseason emails every day that we receive cards or calls.

Best of luck to everyone auditioning. Go ‘Noles!


Welcome Books were sent via USPS to all potential new Chiefs on July 1. Please allow time for delivery. If you were expecting one but do not receive one by July 12, call the band office immediately at 850-644-3507.


Potential New Members: Send in your confirmation card indicating that you plan to attend the Preseason Training schedule. Audition music will be sent via email on August 1 to those who have sent in the confirmation card. This is important. Do it right away.

Non-Leadership Vets: Visit the ‘preseason registration page’ to confirm your participation for Preseason Training. This online option is for returning non-leadership vets only.


August 14, Staff 9:00 a.m. HMU 114
August 16, Section Leaders and Row Leaders 9:00 a.m. HMU 114
August 18, All Majorettes (Vets & New Students) 9:00 a.m. HMU 114
August 18, All Color Guard (Flags) (Vets & New Students) 9:00 a.m. HMU 114
August 18, All Percussion (Vets & New Students) 9:00 a.m. HMU 114
August 18, All Other New Students (Winds) 9:00 a.m. HMU 114
August 20, All Veteran Students (Winds) 1:00 p.m. Dohnanyi Recital Hall


Those individuals who are required to be on campus before Sunday, August 20 may check-in to their residence hall on Friday, August 18. Check-in begins in the evening after the New Student audition, orientation, and first rehearsal. Returning students may also check-in at this time if so confirmed with the band office.


9a to 12 Noon, Registration and Music Audition
12 Noon to 1:30p, Lunch Break
1:30p to 3p, New Student Orientation
3:00p to 5:30p, Music Rehearsal for New Students
5:30p to 7:30p, Dinner Break
8p, Residence Hall Check-In

On Friday, August 18, your “first stop” is the registration line and the music audition. This occurs during the three-hour block of time from 9a to noon. YOU MAY REPORT TO THE COLLEGE OF MUSIC ANYTIME DURING THAT BLOCK. Most everyone shows up at 9a, but the line will be long at that time and IF YOU ARE TRAVELING ANY REASONABLE DISTANCE FROM TALLAHASSEE, you may “report” at any time during the 9a-Noon block. You do not have to be there precisely at 9a.

Starting on Saturday morning, August 19, we go all day, every day until the end of the training session (noon, Saturday, August 26). We call it “preseason training” but think of it as “band camp.”

Aug 17

High School Band Day ’17


AUGUST 17 UPDATE: We have plenty of tickets for both band days (but September 9 is going fast). Call the band office right away (850-644-3507).

Previous post:

We are pleased to announce that our 2017 High School Band Days will be Saturday, September 9 (Univ. of Louisiana-Monroe) and Saturday, November 18 (Delaware State). That’s right, once again we are offering a choice of TWO dates. (Game times have not been announced for either game.)

Band Day is open to all area high school bands. Expose your students to the world-renown Marching Chiefs as they perform a pregame concert, during the game, and at halftime. Free admission to the game is provided to high school band students, their directors, and (in restricted quantity) official chaperones.

In 2016, thousands of high school band students enjoyed the sights and sounds of college football. We cordially invite all high school band directors to bring their students to one of our 2017 High School Band Days.


Call the FSU Band Office at (850-644-3507) to be placed on the priority mailing list.

Sorry. Priority calls will only be accepted from High School Band Directors.