Aug 18

Block List 2021


Thanks to everyone that complete an audition. We have taken as many students as possible. If you did not make Chiefs, we invite you to participate in the Campus Band with no audition required, or you may ‘open’ audition (early next week) for the Concert Band. Don’t be discouraged; please try again next year!

Regular Block Positions are designated by a letter (for each section) and a number. This is your position in the Attendance Block.

Alternator Positions are designated with “a” or “b” next to the block position assignment. Chiefs in these positions will serve as alternators for Pregame and Halftime. As the season progresses, we will try to add more positions to halftime shows. The pregame numbers can not be changed.

Percussion alternators perform at the discretion of the band directors and percussion technician.

Majorette and Color Guard alternators will perform at the discretion of the band directors and visual teams coordinator. If you are marked as an alternator, you may alternate pregame, or halftime, or both.

The next rehearsal (Thursday afternoon, 8/19) begins at 1:30p with sectionals at Chiefs Field. Then we have a full music rehearsal at 3:00p in Ruby Diamond Concert Hall. We will begin pregame drill at 6:00 p.m. at the practice field. Those late or absent will lose their Pregame position to someone else. Please be patient as the first order of business is to set the Attendance Block. Your cooperation will be appreciated.



12:30p eFlip Pick-up, Field House (first year winds only)

1:30p Music Sectionals, Chiefs Field

3:00p Full Music Rehearsal, Ruby Diamond Concert Hall

4:30p Dinner Break

6:00p Marching Rehearsal (Pregame), Chiefs Field

If you are on the Block List and you are not present for tonight’s rehearsal, then you will lose your pregame position.



To order your Marching Chiefs shoes, go to the website <>.
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My State: Florida
My City: Tallahassee
Banner: Marching Chiefs
White Dinkle Shoes are $40
White Athletic Socks are $4 (but you can provide your own)

If you are unsure what size to buy, we will have a fitting set for you to try on at the field this week at rehearsal. Half sizes and Wide sizes are available.

You have until Monday, August 23, at Midnight to place the order. We need this quick ordering window so they arrive in time for the first game. They will be shipped to the band office and distributed at rehearsal.



Instrument check out will occur between 12 noon and 1:30p at the Field House. Be sure to check out an instrument BEFORE the 1:30p sectional rehearsal.



TBS & KKPsi Apparel Information
If you made the block list and need to purchase required apparel for performance, please read the following…

Tau Beta Sigma and Kappa Kappa Psi will be selling all required items Saturday, August 21st from 12PM-4PM at the College of Music uniform storage room, per the following schedule:

12-1 for 4th and 5th years
1-2 for 3rd and 2nd years
2-3 for rookies/ 1st years
3-4 if the previously mentioned times do not work

Please note that EVERYONE must purchase a new hat, rookies and vets alike. Veteran members do not need to replace things like their white Chiefs shirt and their poncho if they are in good condition.

TBS items
Gloves: $4
Earplugs: $10
Drawstring Chiefs bag: $10
Uniform Cleaning Fee: $20

KKPsi items
Shirt – $26
*Hat – $15
Poncho – $12
Mask (playing) -$7
Mask (regular) -$6
Note: masks are NOT required, but will be sold for those that want them until KKPsi runs out.

*KKPsi is going to sell hats on a different day just because they are not in yet.



Everyone on the following list has permission to enroll in the course. If that status changes, you will be notified directly by the directors.

The order of this list is completely random. You can not derive any sort of ‘rank order’ from the arrangement of these names.

If you have not already done so, you must be enrolled in MUN 2110, MUN 4113, or MUN 5115.

Remember: Membership is earned every day!! MCATDT!!




Jordan Fraze, Head Drum Major
Jamie Miyagawa, Assistant Drum Major
Sara Feingold, Assistant Drum Major


Z-11 Emily Peterson
Z-12 Allison Acevedo
Z-13 Jessica Bellaire
Z-14 Adeline Belova
Z-15 Kylie Boschen
Z-16 Caelynn Christensen
Z-17 Allison Cort
Z-18 Peyton Dillon

Z-21 Cierra Coyner
Z-22 Arianna Estes
Z-23 Sarah Ferguson
Z-24 Miranda Frank
Z-25 Megan Hatch
Z-26 Taylor Hawkins
Z-27 Sierra Heflin
Z-28 Jessica Howell

Z-31 Ashleigh Wallace
Z-32 Steve Lightbody
Z-33 Caitlyn Lucy
Z-34 Caitlyn Mann
Z-35 Alexis McWilliams
Z-36 Raegan O’Rourke
Z-37 Catherine Potts
Z-38 Talley Powell

Z-41 Alyssia Price
Z-42 Renee Roberts
Z-43 Nicholas Rodi
Z-44 Anthony Ruffin
Z-45 Sydney Shteif
Z-46 Kaitlyn Sikes
Z-47 Yolanda St. Fleur
Z-48 Diamond Thompson

Z-51 Elizbeth Vera
Z-52 Grace Wiley
Z-53 Reece Windjack
Z-54 Kelly Zhang
Z-55a Karolyne Lugo
Z-55b Hailey Bernau
Z-56a Hannah Herman
Z-56b Amanda Masi


V-11 Will Kozel
V-12 Ryan Appling
V-13 Samantha Bodenbender
V-14 Ethan Burke
V-15 Andrew Coleman
V-16 Molly Creel
V-17 Andres Delgado
V-18 Sean Durham

V-21 Carly Davis
V-22 Ashley Hart
V-23 Mallory Ivers
V-24 Veronica Jacob
V-25 Evan Jewsbury
V-26 Elizabeth Kennedy
V-27 Samantha Maltagliati
V-28 Kiltie Morton

V-31 Maia Ruiz
V-32 Halle Mynard
V-33 Leah Price
V-34 Kassie Provost
V-35 Julia Ramirez
V-36 Aneisa Rivers
V-37 Marques Rudd
V-38 Jordan Salcedo

V-41 Jalen Smalls
V-42 Lilly Stevens
V-43 Mark Stevens
V-44 Brooke Tabor
V-45 Sarah Thrasher
V-46 Rose Trescott
V-47 Christina Trombly
V-48 Ryan Turner

V-51 Anna Urbine
V-52 Connor Werner
V-53a Hannah Smith
V-53b Abigail Johnson
V-54a Emma Berrier
V-54b Gabriella De Jesus
V-55a Emma Cook
V-55b Katherine Thomas
V-56a Connor Streibich
V-56b Serena LaMontagne
V-57a Hannah Torres
V-57b Irene Antonatos
V-58a Delaney Reilly
V-58b Matthew Burdick

V-61a Noelle Enright
V-61b Katherine Hassell
V-62a Sarah Warren
V-62b Richard Parrish


S-11 Felecia Foster
S-12 Evan Blitzer
S-13 Ashley Bunting
S-14 Daniel Callenberger
S-15 Cory Cannarozzi
S-16 Alexander Cheek
S-17 Nathan Cushard
S-18 Brandon DeVane

S-21 Alex Krysnki
S-22 Parker Franklin
S-23 Jason Graham
S-24 Pauly Herrera
S-25 Eric Hitchins
S-26 Victoria Horton
S-27 Alana Jakee
S-28 Michael Jenkins

S-31 Emily Morgan
S-32 Kurt Kemerer
S-33 Eva Kirby
S-34 Marshall Knapp
S-35 Josye Lichens
S-36 Malik McGowan
S-37 Morgan Meese
S-38 Mackenzie Meiers

S-41 Gabriel Ortiz
S-42 Matsurika Palmer
S-43 Carlos Rodriguez
S-44 Maya Roselli
S-45 Jason Shimer
S-46 Courtney Sims
S-47 Daniel Sullivan
S-48 Lauren Tasillo

S-51 Tyler Welch
S-52 Avian Williams
S-53 Carson Wright
S-54 Brianne Yates
S-55a Adam Riemer
S-55b Alec Carrillo
S-56a KaCie Baechle
S-56b Micah Alexandre
S-57a Timothy Schwindt
S-57b Jared Milligan
S-58a James Fair
S-58b Raymundo Flores Jr.


B-11 Greg Moller
B-12 Nicholas Amundsen
B-13 Victor Angel
B-14 Easton Barham
B-15 Emma Barrett
B-16 Tyler Bazemore
B-17 Matthew Beck
B-18 John Bradley

B-21 Marin Kelly
B-22 Travis Cain
B-23 Nina Curto
B-24 Matthew Czerenda
B-25 Natalia Davis
B-26 Damien De Feo
B-27 Kade Gainey
B-28 Khamare Garner

B-31 Kanoka Palmer
B-32 Jackson Gunnels
B-33 John Justice
B-34 Nathan Kane
B-35 Nathan Labora
B-36 Johnny Liles
B-37 Michael Lohse
B-38 Nicholas Magyar

B-41 Francesca Mastrangelo
B-42 Camilla May
B-43 Hunter McLaughlin
B-44 Rylee Mehr
B-45 Danielle Monahan
B-46 Jordan Northrup
B-47 Adam Octala
B-48 Justin Osterhout

B-51 Samantha Otte
B-52 Austin Pauley
B-53 Brian Ratledge
B-54 Sarah Reed
B-55 Mitchell Reeves
B-56 Juan Rodas
B-57 Connor Supple
B-58 Madelyn Supple

B-61 Silas Thorn
B-62 Dawson Tucker
B-63 Gavin Welch
B-64 James Wingfield
B-65 Garrett Works
B-66a Leigh Hill
B-66b Cari McKee
B-67a Anthony Kirtman
B-67b Mackenzie Rawlin
B-68a Addison Peters
B-68b Chloe Finn


H-11 Julia Freeman
H-12 Emily Allred
H-13 Andrew Canella
H-14 AC Caruthers
H-15 Rita Cesare-Degroat
H-16 Patrick Creegan
H-17 Nicholas Davis
H-18 Alexandro Garcia

H-21 Thomas Larger
H-22 Ben Isenberg
H-23 Julie Kamm
H-24 Allison Kirkpatrick
H-25 Keenan Krieger
H-26 Brandon Magyar
H-27 Lydia Mentzer
H-28 Korynna Moncada

H-31 Abigail Odom
H-32 Jeremy Pittman
H-33 Christina Schiffert
H-34 Dane Seal
H-35 Katie Sherlock
H-36 Venus Skowronski
H-37 Hailey Swanson
H-38 Katelyn Weaver

H-41a Chandler Morgan
H-41b Ben Reid
H-42a Morgan Raskin
H-42b Shelby Arrigo
H-43a Ashlie Green
H-43b Sophie Boglaev
H-44a Natalie DeClerk
H-44b Anna Stanley
H-45a Samantha Rivera
H-45b Cassie Brookshire
H-46a Benjamin Ersterling
H-46b Gabrielle Mevers
H-47a Rebecca Pereira
H-47b Alexander Aristizabal
H-48a Casey Felder
H-48b Ella Crawley


A-11 Jodie Cheung
A-12 Sophia Barron
A-13 Dimitri Blanco
A-14 Reid Botsko
A-15 Morgan Brandt
A-16 Patrick Carmody
A-17 Joshua Castillo
A-18 Gareth Chamberlynn

A-21 Ben Ranzinger
A-22 Dominic Crawford
A-23 Cole Dekle
A-24 Riley Dyer
A-25 Christian Estades
A-26 Tristan Goodrich
A-27 Jordan Green
A-28 Ryan Hastie

A-31 Taylor Haworth
A-32 Markus Kittendorf
A-33 Kyler Klimek
A-34 Kyle Krogol
A-35 Greg Lambert
A-36 Marcus Larson
A-37 Connor McDonald
A-38 Madelon Morgan

A-41 Riane Neal
A-42 Connor O’Dell
A-43 Nicholas Prado
A-44 William Roberts
A-45 Mateo Roldan
A-46 Jacob Scaringella
A-47 Zachary Scott
A-48 Grace Smith

A-51 Jeffrey Welch
A-52a Emily Chapiro
A-52b Jeremy Finlaw
A-53a Shelby Carlton
A-53b Gavin Battig
A-54a Isabel Hautmann
A-54b Wyatt Buckner


C-11 Shane O’Leary
C-12 Drew Abbott
C-13 Mason Ashford
C-14 Cale Bazley
C-15 Brandon Casey
C-16 Stephen Charles
C-17 Morgan Cole
C-18 Alianna Fernandez

C-21 Jayne Margason
C-22 Matthew Fix
C-23 Yasha Foster
C-24 Marcelo Guerra
C-25 Lucas Guy
C-26 Aaron Hastie
C-27 Harrison Hawthorne
C-28 Jordan Jackson

C-31 Jagger Lema
C-32 Nicholas Lohse
C-33 SirDarius Lomack
C-34 Madison O’Stewart
C-35 Alexandra Puckett
C-36 Kenneth Shannon
C-37 Connor Stross
C-38 Elizabeth Sylvester

C-41 Sage Woods
C-42a Cody Whiddon
C-42b Courtney Pater
C-43a Adrianna Matura
C-43b Joshua Younger
C-44a Sean Reidy
C-44b Jackson White


K-11 Daniel Sullivan
K-12 Chris Bernhardt
K-13 Anthony Borda
K-14 Matthew Carroll
K-15 Jacob Crump
K-16 Romus Edenfield
K-17 Michael Elvidge
K-18 Brittany Gummerman

K-21 Matthew Morejon
K-22 Michael Haves
K-23 Quinn Kirschenbaum
K-24 Alexei Kovalev
K-25 Connor Lambert
K-26 Virginia Leal
K-27 Collier McBride
K-28 Jacob McDuffie

K-31 Mina Brahmbhatt
K-32 Samuel Morris
K-33 Aryan Patel
K-34 Joshua Stambaugh
K-35 Landon Tefft
K-36 Sam Williams
K-37 Zachary Winchester


P-11 Blair Crutchfield
P-12 JD Dibbs
P-13 Miles Meyer
P-14 Nathan Russell
P-15 Alex Simon
P-16 Zack Slay

P-21 Gustavo Barreda
P-22 Caleb Bryant
P-23 Sammy Maxwell
P-24 Nicholas Rodriguez

P-31 Jonathan Arms
P-32 Sydney Harrison
P-33 Ben Lages
P-34 Raelin Roque
P-35 Satya Simpson
P-36 Matthew Williams
P-37a Abigail Watson

P-41 Malia Hallway
P-42 Aliya Himawan
P-43 Chloe Iliff
P-44 Athresha Kalluri
P-45 Bowdi Miller
P-46 Denzel Mills
P-47 Matthew Ostrowski
P-48 Alondra Reyna Lopez


G-11 Anna Ellis
G-12 Victoria Carroll
G-13 Chase Clough
G-14 Wyatt Collier
G-15 Alexa Curts
G-16 Camielle Daise
G-17 Kelsey Foster
G-18 Tara Fuchs

G-21 Alexea Morris
G-22 Casie Henton
G-23 Savannah Kane
G-24 Hunter Miller
G-25 Kayla Pichard
G-26 Molly Radcliffe
G-27 Haley Rose
G-28 Alia Schirmer

G-31 Alura Gasper
G-32 Katie Strom
G-33 Kelly Sugg
G-34 Jackie Tarrant
G-35 Tyler Tucci
G-36 Melody Vasquez
G-37 Brooklyn Velazco
G-38 Emilee Viduna

G-41 Olivia Moores
G-42 Sarah Wouters
G-43a Aaron Halbrook
G-43b Naomy Fernandez
G-44a Emma Fricker
G-44b Jordyn Fisher


M-11 Kennedy Gill
M-12 Sofia Cano
M-13 Natalie Correia
M-14 Jasmine Evans
M-15 Madison Frisby
M-16 Ela Krekora
M-17 Ashley Marsh
M-18 Karli Marshall

M-21 Ashley Norman
M-22 Samantha Merigliano
M-23 Julia Nesmith
M-24 Chloe Osborne
M-25 Haleigh Perrucci
M-26 Mikayla Schuller
M-27 Alexis Stade
M-28 Penelope Abreu

M-31 Allison Wagner
M-32 Olivia Warren
M-33a Peyton Gay
M-33b Britney Berry
M-33c Emily Fogleman


FT-1 Arielle Comellas
FT-2 Kamryn Reynolds