Pre-Season 2021


The Welcome Book was sent to all potential new Marching Chiefs on July 1, 2021, via email. If you plan to audition for the Fall Semester 2021, but did not receive this information, call the FSU Band Office at 850-644-3507.


Brass and woodwind students (new and returning) have the option to submit a music audition video before preseason training begins. Full information is in the Welcome Book. The deadline for this video is August 2, 2021. This video audition is optional but highly recommended. If you prefer to audition live on-campus, you may do so on August 13.


The University is requiring ALL students auditioning for Marching Chiefs 2021 to complete a COVID-19 test before the preseason training begins. There are also ways to opt-out of the testing requirement. Full information is included in the Welcome Book. If you have not received the Welcome Book, call the FSU Band Office at 850-644-3507.


Attention Percussionists wanting to audition for Big 8 in 2021:

We are requiring ALL incoming percussion students to submit a pre-screening video to determine your potential for success during our full audition sequence. Information regarding this pre-qualifying video is available by calling the FSU Band Office at 850-644-3507. This video is due on July 23.



JULY 23: Percussion Pre-Screening Video Due.

AUGUST 2: Brass/Woodwind Music Audition Video Due. (optional, but highly recommend)

AUGUST 12: COVID Testing and Residence Hall Move-In.

AUGUST 13: Preseason Training begins for New Students, All Percussion, All Color Guard, and all Majorettes.

AUGUST 15: Preseason Training begins for all returning brass and woodwind student.