National Titles

National Titles & 50 Years of Bands: 1991-Present

In 1991, current Director of the Marching Chiefs, Patrick Dunnigan arrived in Tallahassee. In his first year, Dunnigan and the Chiefs recorded their first compact disc, Our Best Foot Forward. The Chiefs thus became the first college marching band to produce their own end-of-season CD recording.

In 1992, Charlie Carter celebrated his fortieth season with FSU and the Chiefs, and the Chiefs performed a special show saluting Charlie’s contributions to the bands at FSU. The 1993 season was especially momentous. To begin the season, Chiefs took an early trip to the New Jersey Meadowlands for the Kick-Off Classic against the University of Kansas. Doak Campbell Stadium was also renovated before this season and a special section was designed specifically for the Chiefs. In addition to the new section, the Chiefs made their first entrance through the endzone door. The Homecoming Show celebrated the Fiftieth Anniversary of the bands at FSU. To end the season, the Chiefs were a part of FSU’s first National Championship in football!

In 1995, the term rookie was adopted to replace gunkie, which had been used to identify all first year Chiefs. May of 1997, marked another milestone as Chiefs renewed their title of world-renowned by traveling to London, England to perform a halftime show for the World Football League’s London Monarchs.

The following season, Dr. John L. Baker stepped in as Interim Director while Dunnigan took time off to pursue his doctoral degree at the University of Texas. After a miraculous turn of events in December of 1998, Chiefs found themselves on their way to Tempe, Arizona, accompanying the football team on another quest to National Championship in the Fiesta Bowl. The trip was fruitless, but 1999 was just around the corner.

Dr. Patrick Dunnigan returned to Tallahassee for the 1999 season. Chiefs once again had a wonderful season ending with a celebration of the football team’s second National Championship in the Sugar Bowl!