Aug 24

High School Band Day 2023


FSU Band Day is open to all area high school bands. Expose your students to the world-renowned Marching Chiefs as they perform a pregame concert, during the game, and at halftime. Free admission to the game is provided to high school band students, their directors, and (in restricted quantity) official chaperones.

Over the past thirty years, tens of thousands of high school band students have enjoyed the sights and sounds of college football. We cordially invite all high school band directors to bring their students to Band Day 2023.

Save the date for Band Day 2023:

NOVEMBER 18: University of Northern Alabama, Kick-Off has not been determined.

To participate in FSU Band Day, call Chelsea at 850-644-3507. You must be a high school band director to reserve a space in FSU Band Day.


Aug 24

Block List 2023


Thanks to everyone completing an audition. We have taken as many students as possible. Our numbers were up this year and ‘making the band’ was not a given. Some hard decisions were necessary. If you did not make Chiefs, we invite you to participate in the Campus Band with no audition required, or you may ‘open’ audition (early next week) for the Concert Band. Don’t be discouraged; please try again next year!

Regular Block Positions are designated by a letter (for each section) and a number. Alternator Positions are designated with “a” or “b” next to the block position assignment. Chiefs in these positions will serve as alternators for Pregame and Halftime. As the season progresses, we will try to add more positions to halftime shows. The pregame numbers can not be changed.

Percussion alternators perform at the discretion of the band directors and percussion technician.

Majorette and Color Guard alternators will perform at the discretion of the band directors and visual teams coordinator.

The next rehearsal (Thursday afternoon, 8/24) begins at 1:30p with sectionals at Chiefs Field. Then we have a full music rehearsal at 3:00p in Ruby Diamond Concert Hall. We will begin pregame drill at 6:00p at the practice field. Those late or absent will lose their Pregame position to someone else. Please be patient as the first order of business is to take attendance. Your cooperation will be appreciated.



12:30p eFlip Pick-up, Field House (first year winds only)

12:30p Optional try-on marching shoes at Field House

1:30p Music Sectionals, Chiefs Field

3:00p Full Music Rehearsal, Ruby Diamond Concert Hall

4:30p Dinner Break

6:00p Marching Rehearsal (Pregame), Chiefs Field

If you are on the Block List and you are not present for tonight’s rehearsal, then you will lose your pregame position.



To order your Marching Chiefs shoes…

Go to the website <> Select Student Login My State: Florida My City: Tallahassee Banner: FSU Marching Chiefs White Dinkle Shoes are $48 White Athletic Socks are $4 (but you can provide your own)

If you are unsure what size to buy, we will have shoes for you to try on at the field at rehearsal. Half sizes and Wide sizes are available.

You have until Friday, August 25, at 12 noon to place the order. We need this quick ordering window so they arrive in time for the first game. They will be shipped to the band office and distributed at rehearsal.



Instrument check out will occur between 12 noon and 1:30p at the Field House. Be sure to check out an instrument BEFORE the 1:30p sectional rehearsal.



If you made the block list and need to purchase required apparel for performance, please read the following…

Tau Beta Sigma and Kappa Kappa Psi will be selling all required items Saturday, August 20 from 12PM-4PM at the College of Music uniform storage room, per the following schedule:

11:30a – 12n for 4th and 5th Years 12n – 12:30p for 3rd Years 12:30p – 1p for 2nd Years 1p – 2p for Rookies

Please note that EVERYONE must purchase a new hat, rookies and vets alike. Veteran members do not need to replace things like their white Chiefs shirt and their poncho if they are in good condition.

Prices: TBS items Gloves: $6; Earplugs: $16; Drawstring Chiefs bag: $11; Uniform Cleaning Fee: $30

KKPsi items Shirt – $30; Hat – $20; Poncho – $15



Everyone on the following list has permission to enroll in the course. If that status changes, you will be notified directly by the directors.

The order of this list is completely random. You can not derive any sort of ‘rank order’ from the arrangement of these names.

If you have not already done so, you must be enrolled in MUN 2110, MUN 4113, or MUN 5115.

Remember: Membership is earned every day!! MCATDT!!




DM-1 John Justice, Head Drum Major DM-2 Carly Davis, Assistant Drum Major DM-3 Mark Stevens, Assistant Drum Major

FLUTE Z-11 Allison Acevedo Z-12 Jessica Bellaire Z-13 Hailey Bernau Z-14 Kylie Boschen Z-15 Allison Cort Z-16 Elizabeth Dunsmoor Z-17 Miranda Frank Z-18 Shannon Fricker Z-21 Talley Powell Z-22 Celeste Galvez Z-23 Willa Gutowski Z-24 Nicki Howard Z-25 Paige Kraker Z-26 Alexis LaFluer Z-27 Kathryn Lang Z-28 Taylor LaPage Z-31 Taylor Hawkins Z-32 Steve Lightbody Z-33 Caitlyn Lucy Z-34 Lillie Magee Z-35 Cameron McGill Z-36 Audrey Mila Z-37 Mary Moshos Z-38 Alicia Pacifico Z-41 Javier Rivera Z-42 Isabelle Rodriguez Z-43 Kendall Smith Z-44 Jack Taylor Z-45 Diamond Thompson Z-46 Anna Todd Z-47 Sofia Velez Z-48 Marina Whitsell Z-51a Addison Peltier Z-51b Ednerson Previlma Z-52a Carly Quinn Z-52b Alexia Smith Z-53a Caitlin Magennis Z-53b Caroline Brindise Z-54a Petra Tanczos Z-54b Chloe Simon

CLARINET V-11 Leah Price V-12 Irene Antonatos V-13 Ethan Burke V-14 Daniel Burrow V-15 Anita Butler V-16 Morgan Cerra V-17 Sean Durham V-18 Fiona Froggett V-21 Halle Mynard V-22 Lillian Gilfry V-23 Colleen Gruzewski V-24 Katie Hassell V-25 Claire Huggins V-26 Roxanne Hummel V-27 MacKenzie Jenkinson V-28 Evan Jewsbury V-31 Elizabeth Kennedy V-32 Abby Johnson V-33 Madeline Mondok V-34 Eric Olmsted V-35 Ava Raposo V-36 Peyton Raymond V-37 Delaney Reilly V-38 Nora Romano V-41 Lydia Rozier V-42 Devyn Rufo V-43 Ashley Short V-44 Kayla Smith V-45 Tyler Smith V-46 Julia Stephens V-47 Olivia Strom V-48 Lyx Teets V-51 Ryan Tone V-52 Anna Urbine V-53 Sarah Warran V-54 Marie Yonts V-55a Lauren Naccarato V-55b Brady McKendry V-56a Mario Pena V-56b Mia Walker V-57a Drew Strelcheck V-57b Erin Enright V-58a Addison O’Reilly V-58b Julia Yu

SAXOPHONE S-11 Gabriel Ortiz S-12 Moses Alti S-13 Luis Angel S-14 Chase Ballweg S-15 Will Binkley S-16 Jack Blumer S-17 Parker Button S-18 Corey Cannarozzi S-21 Riley Nauman S-22 Casey Cauklins S-23 Tyler Deciutiis S-24 Lia Delgado S-25 Sarah Dillon S-26 Nicolas Fonseca S-27 Jolene Hempfing S-28 Pauly Herrera S-31 Micah Alexandre S-32 Arwyn Hill S-33 Lucas Hunker S-34 Kyle Johns S-35 Dillon Johnson S-36 Erin Kane S-37 Kurt Kemerer S-38 Amber Losciale S-41 Jalen Miller S-42 Jared Milligan S-43 Samantha Persons S-44 Jesse Reese S-45 Courtney Sims S-46 Jamari Spears-Screen S-47 Joshua Spraker S-48 Brody Schiavone S-51 Savannah Tigner S-52 Matthew Torres S-53 Olivia Turke S-54 Carson Wright S-55a James Fair S-55b Adam Riemer S-56a Arthur Branton S-56b Sage Lake S-57a Mayghan Lee S-57b Josie Liederman S-58a Caleb Nespoli S-58b Clint Hughes S-61a Stephen Morejon S-61b Avraelle Brodski S-62a Sean Norris S-62b Haylie Smith S-63a Mason Morgan S-63b Reymundo Flores, Jr. S-64a Alexandra Miller S-64b Lily Nell

TRUMPET B-11 Damien DeFeo B-12 Rayne Almeida Santos B-13 John Bradley B-14 Joshua Briley B-15 Katie Brinkman B-16 Travis Cain B-17 Grace Cavnar B-18 Trinity Crego B-21 Aiden Kingry B-22 Jean-Luc Cruz B-23 Kate Curley B-24 Nina Curto B-25 Natalia Davis B-26 Savannah Davis B-27 Kade Gainey B-28 Elijah Gardiner B-31 Jordyn Myers B-32 Jackson Gunnels B-33 Kate Hatfield B-34 Henry Hobbs B-35 Jami Holder B-36 Chandler King B-37 Adam Lyn B-38 Israel Martinez B-41 Francesca Mastrangelo B-42 Collin May B-43 Noah Meserve B-44 Danielle Monahan B-45 Tyler Mullin B-46 Kai Okamoto B-47 Addison Peters B-48 Mackenzie Rawlin B-51 Sarah Reed B-52 Mitchell Reeves B-53 Juan Rodas B-54 Catherine Rosenfeld B-55 Ryan Slage B-56 Gabriel Stevens B-57 Maddie Supple B-58 Kate Thornton B-61 Ben Tobin B-62 Dawson Tucker B-63 Kye Turner B-64 Gavin Welch B-65 Claudia Woody B-66a Zachary Russell B-66b Charlotte Spinks B-67a Jacob Hill B-67b Logan Simon B-68a Miron Tillery B-68b Hayden Yeager B-71a Edwin Cintron B-71b Collin Jenness B-72a Jason Santana B-72b Nathan Peter B-73a Jonathan Minuse B-73b Kyle McDonald B-74a Jacob Gooding B-74b Presley Villa

HORN H-11 Allison Kirkpatrick H-12 Brandon Bourdeau H-13 April Boutin H-14 Cassie Brookshire H-15 Natalie DeClerk H-16 Ashlie Green H-17 Rebekah Kelly H-18 Gabrielle Mevers H-21 Patrick Creegan H-22 Sarah Meza H-23 Korynna Moncada H-24 Abigail Odom H-25 Rebecca Pereira H-26 Michael Price H-27 Samantha Rivera H-28 Sam Roberts H-31 Isaac Roman H-32 Senanu Simpson H-33 Hailey Swanson H-34 Brian Thompson H-35 Delaney Wharton H-36 Andrew Whitlach H-37a Ariana Seguinot H-37b Katie Evans H-38a Isabella Stross H-38b Emma Brockman H-41a Thomas Fry H-41b Casey Felder H-42a Eliana Gold H-42b Christina Park H-43a Anna Leach H-43b Braden Tan H-44a Venus Skowronski H-44b Juli Chicerelli H-45a Trent Boritz H-45b Sophia Fernandez H-46a Tanner Traill H-46b Abigail Capes H-47a Lora Thaxton H-47b McKenzie Baker H-48a Anna Riehl H-48b Patrick Pacifici

TROMBONE A-11 Greg Lambert A-12 Gavin Battig A-13 Dimitri Blanco A-14 Reid Botsko A-15 Austin Boudi A-16 Mateo Buitrago A-17 Shelby Carlton A-18 Connor Casey A-21 Tristan Goodrich A-22 Gareth Chamberlynn A-23 Jane Cohen A-24 Ethan Colón A-25 Samuel Cote A-26 Landon Ellenberg A-27 Calvin Fein A-28 Tyler Figenscher A-31 Jeremy Finlaw A-32 John Paul Garzon A-33 Taylor Haworth A-34 Ian Head A-35 Marc Jacobs A-36 Kyler Klimek A-37 Kyle Krogol A-38 Grace Leali A-41 Jerome Michaud A-42 Grace Smith A-43 Dana Wolfe A-44 Charlie Zoetmulder A-45a Nicholas Repiedad A-45b Samuel Mercier A-46a Harrison Padhy A-46b Luis Nunez A-47a Jacob Scaringella A-47b Daniel Castro A-48a Michael Hreczkosij A-48b Ethan Bixby A-51a Robert Watt A-51b Ethan Sauve A-52a Wyatt Buckner A-52b Graham Ashburn A-53a William Schoenfield A-53b John Valencia-Londo A-54a Grant Gray A-54b Valerie Cobb

BARITONE C-11 Aaron Hastie C-12 Drew Abbott C-13 Cale Bazley C-14 Brandon Casey C-15 Morgan Cole C-16 Yasha Foster C-17 Marcelo Guerra C-18 Garrett Harvey C-21 Adam Zierden C-22 Marissa Hutchins C-23 Alan Jean-Baptiste C-24 Desmond Nelson C-25 Elizabeth Reese C-26 Sean Reidy C-27 Kenneth Shannon C-28 Kris Stottlemire C-31 Connor Stross C-32 Elizabeth Sylvester C-33a Lee Anderson C-33b David Johnson C-34a Samantha Wadipan C-34b David Silva C-35a Jackson White C-35b Courtney Pater C-36a Charlie Brust C-36b Michael Ward C-37a Luca Santilli C-37b Chloe Flossic C-38a Jakub Paradies C-38b Christopher Malave

TUBA K-11 Sam Williams K-12 Noah Bryant K-13 Gabriel Carbone K-14 Romie Edenfield K-15 Hunter Fisher K-16 Xavier Gauthier K-17 Britt Gummerman K-18 Michael Haves K-21 Sophia Farfante K-22 Andrew Johnson K-23 Connor Kelley K-24 Connor Lambert K-25 Christopher Martinez K-26 Collier McBride K-27 Jacob McDuffie K-28 Braden Meyer K-31 Mina Brahmbhatt K-32 Matthew Morejon K-33 Daniel Sullivan K-34 Zachary Winchester K-35 Alden Cruz K-36a Parker Iliff K-36b Nate Kennard K-37a James Carlson K-37b Andrew Mechling K-38a Armand Ortiz K-38b Cooper Petel

PERCUSSION P-11 Benjamin Clark P-12 Drew Jungslager P-13 Bryden Reeves P-14 Holly Zeyl P-15 Tyler Decker P-16 John Baker Jr. P-17 Nolan Ruan P-18 JD Dibbs P-19 Alex Simon P-21 Jonathyn Coleman P-22 Gabe Iadeluca P-23 Ian Guarraia P-24 Wes Chapman P-31 Sarah Palma P-32 Louise Bosch P-33 Ethan Bell P-34 Nate Dibbs P-35 Christian Haghverdi P-36 Jon Arms P-41 Aidan Wester P-42 Nick Langford P-43 Kendall Conroy P-44 Toni Curry P-45 Loanne Masson P-46 Jordan McKenzie P-47 Ryan Schefstad P-48 Athresha Kalluri P-49 Emily Allred P-50 Ellie Klein P-51 Riley Curls

COLOR GUARD F-11 Kelsey Foster F-12 Alexander Bisson F-13 Olivia Bliven F-14 Hailey Church F-15 Danielle Huene F-16 Melody Ramos F-17 Katie Strom F-18 Melody Vasquez F-21 Savannah Kane F-22 Olivia Bixby F-23 Chase Carlton F-24 Camielle Daise F-25 Aiyanna James F-26 Haley Rose F-27 Kelly Sugg F-28 Brooklyn Velazco F-31 Alexa Curts F-32 Katelyn Peguero F-33 Victoria Carroll F-34 Emma Fishman F-35 Samantha Mason F-36 Alia Schirmer F-37 Jackie Tarrant F-38 Emilee Viduna F-41a Thalia Benoit F-41b Elizabeth Goh F-42a Morgan Ewart F-42b Reagan Scruggs F-43a Tammy Flores F-43b Samantha Thomas

MAJORETTES M-11 Emily Fogleman M-12 Karli Marshall M-13 Britney Berry M-14 Lexey Dopson M-15 Samantha Merigliano M-16 Chloe Osborne M-17 Lexie Stade M-18 Olivia Warren M-21 Madison Frisby M-22 Brooke Biegalski M-23 Peyton Gay M-24 Sydney Neyendorf M-25 Janna Rhodes M-26 Kylee Saltsman M-27 Kelsey Walker M-28 Gracie Williams M-31 Natalie Correia M-32 Stephanie Bell M-33 Abigail Sparrow


FT-1 Jasmine Evans FT-2 Kamryn Reynolds FT-3 Mikayla  Schuller


Aug 24

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Sep 22

Make A Donation

Marching Chiefs Travel Fund

Magic happens when the Chiefs hit the road. They bring the sounds that unite Seminole fans everywhere, from the unrelenting war chant to the deeply moving “Hymn to the Garnet and the Gold.” They inspire our great athletic teams to “strive for victory,” and they create a bond among generations of band members that is cherished forever. Our goal is to spread the Seminole spirit by sending the Chiefs to additional away games. The Marching Chiefs have been excellent stewards of their financial resources, but additional support is needed if we are to expand our reach. Please consider making a contribution, large or small, to get the Chiefs on the road to additional games, to inspire more fans, and to stand strong with the team. Go ‘Noles! Go Chiefs!

Patricia J. Flowers
Dean, College of Music




Campaign for New Instruments

Initiated in 2013, the New Instrument Fund has already provided numerous top-quality instruments for our Marching Chiefs. But keeping the inventory in top condition will always be a priority.

Our students deserve equipment that will allow them to sound their very best. Your tax-deductible gift to the instrument campaign will be used to ensure that we keep the sound of the war chant ringing strong throughout Doak Campbell Stadium well into the future.



Jun 10

Chiefly News

This is the news and information page for Current Chiefs. Get into the habit of periodically checking for current season announcements. Never miss an important date or crucial information.


September 5 Texas State (Band Day)
September 12 University of South Florida
September 18 Send The Chiefs Live! Event (in Doak Campbell Stadium)
October 10 University of Miami
October 17 University of Louisville 
October 24 @ Georgia Tech (Pep Band Trip)
October 31 Syracuse University
November 7 @ Clemson University (Full Band Trip)
November 11 Veteran’s Day Parade (@ Downtown Tallahassee, 10a)
November 14 North Carolina State (Homecoming) 
November 21 University of Chattanooga 
November 28 @ University of Florida (Full Band Trip)
December 1 – 4 Prism Concerts (@ Ruby Diamond Concert Hall)
December 5 @ ACC Championship, Charlotte, NC (Full Band Trip)


We are pleased to announce the selection of Matt Tenoré as Head Drum Major for the 2015 season. Jennifer Wright and Charles Kelly were selected to serve as Assistant Drum Majors. Congratulations to these excellent Chiefs!

Eric Abramowitz, Audrey Allgood, Andrew Burk, Lilio Camere, Erin Griffis, Bridget Harper, Mia Hartley, Zachary Ho Lung, Ej Huston, Alissa Kanocz, Lauren King, Cheyne LaBonte, Adrienne Leffard, Shelby Martignetti, Kim McCaskill, Sidney Oser, Christopher Phelps, Dalton Smith.

Flute: Katie Shull, Katelyn Ellwood, Carly Jewel Green
Clarinet: Molly Bradfield, Tana Prado
Saxophone: Carol Fontaine, Austin Blount
Trumpet: Chris Snyder, Brian LaBrec, Alex Widener
Horn: Teddy Branson, Aaron Meitz
Trombone: CJ Rivera, Austin Stone
Baritone: Michael Adames, Elyse Frezza
Tuba: Hayden Elias-Rodriguez, Sharon Kay
Percussion: Kiernan Farmer, Preston Lambert, Nicholas Fenske, Nicholas Mortellaro

Majorette Captain: Lauryn Vickers; Majorette Co-Captain: Amber Milner
Color Guard Captain: Sidney Clarke-Lequerique; Color Guard Co-Captain: Kristina Corba

Flute: Christina Balterman, Lizzy Becker, Tiffany Carpenter, Jennifer Luechauer, Brianna McLean, Katerina Perez, Matt Rodriguez, Samantha Sirignano, Cydney Terryn
Clarinet: Emily Clemons, Sarah Davis, Bailey Edmonds, Jennifer Garcia, Josh Price
Saxophone: Ronald Berry, Gabrielle Carroll, Ian Crumpton, Kathleen Elwell, Brandon Gentile, Andrew Ristad, Jennifer Stinnett
Trumpet: Daniel Boerger, Taylor Bronson, Olivia Heinze, Laura Hilton, Alexandra Machecek, Robert Marski, Zachary Miller, Chelsea Sermons, Marcos Ventura, Kyle Willard
Horn: Megan Herrick, Austin Thomas, Robert Washington
Trombone: Adele Fuqua, Michael Gabriel, Brittainie Hay, Brandon Lettinhand, Jonathan Money
Baritone: Tom Garrison, Joshua McKnight, Darren Rivera
Tuba: Jarrod French, Cullen Gudz, Eric Naegler, Blase Parkinson, Teddy Thomas
Color Guard: Taylor Moss
Majorette: Angele Mozdzierz, Samantha Mozdzierz, Ashley Wolf

Ashley Bishop, Samantha Grutzner and Elyssa Aull

The website now includes an active calendar of events for the entire year. Click here to see the Chiefs’ Calendar.