International Chiefs

Five years later, in 1964, the first Florida State versus the University of Florida football game was played and the rivalry began. In 1971, Richard Mayo, FSU alumnus and past drum major, assumed the helm of the Marching Chiefs. The same year, membership grew to over 200 students, and the Marching Chiefs were finalists in the Best College Marching Band Contest on ABC-TV and established the reputation of being one of the country’s finest.

The year 1974 made the Marching Chiefs international. The Marching Chiefs were guest of the United States Department of State to perform at the International Trade Fair in Damascus, Syria. While in the Middle East, Chiefs traveled to Amman, Jordan for a command performance for King Hussein.

Thus, the title world-renowned became associated with the Marching Chiefs name. The following year, flag, rifle, and color guard auxiliary were added to the ensemble.

During a single term as director in 1976, William Raxsdale introduced corp-style drill, including glide step, and Chiefs only performed one show all year.

In 1977, FSU and Chiefs alumnus, Bentley Shellahamer took over as Director of the Chiefs and reinstated the traditional Chiefs’ style of marching. One year later Chiefs made their first of many performances at a National Football League game for the New Orleans Saints.