Audition Information

Do I perform well enough to make Marching Chiefs?
We make every effort to accept as many students as possible for the Marching Chiefs. There is a rumor that Marching Chiefs is made up mostly of music majors, but in fact, around 70% of the Marching Chiefs are non-music majors and these students are a very important part of our program.

How do I get complete audition information?
Complete audition information is provided upon request. You may request audition information by (1) using the request form provided at this web site, (2) calling the FSU Band Office at (850) 644-3507, or (3) by writing to us.

What is the deadline to register for an audition?
Audition deadlines vary from year to year. For specific deadline information it is best to call the FSU Band Office at (850) 644-3507. As a general rule, April 10 is the deadline for flags and majorette auditions, and August 1 is the deadline for brass, woodwind, and percussion.

What does the audition include?
There are three important components to the complete audition process:

1. A musical audition will be held at the very beginning of the training session to determine which part you should play. You will be asked to sight-read, to play a chromatic scale, and to play several major scales.
2. An on-going evaluation of your marching, playing, and overall attitude takes place during the entire training period.
3. At the end of the week all students are formally evaluated and from those evaluations our Marching Chiefs Block is selected. (Subject to approval by the Director of the Marching Chiefs.)

The BLOCK includes alternate positions in each section (including percussion, flag and majorette). Those not selected for the Block may be invited to become members of the Glue Crew, a vital part of our organization, who enjoy full membership privileges while working as our logistical staff.

Please note that the procedure described above applies to brass, woodwind, and percussion auditions. Detailed information on flag and majorette auditions is sent to those registering for auditions and will be posted on this web site prior to the April audition.